I am a photographer, musician, and creative professional from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve worked in traditional and interactive marketing for more than ten years, and now focus on user experience architecture and design for an interactive agency in Chicago. I took up photography seriously in 2009 and have been fortunate to travel to some amazing places across the world including Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Paris, and several places in the US. My photography site, Expedition Bureau, is devoted to helping photographers share their favorite adventures and inspire others through their images. On the music side of things, I’ve been playing guitar for more than twenty years, and was the singer and guitarist in Chicago band The Atlantic Divide. I’m always playing music and recording, and hope to add a selection of instrumental and electronic music to this site at some point.

On The Web


Personal portfolio of photography from across the world and the United States

Web Magazine

Bi-monthly web magazine and blog about photographers and their favorite adventures

Expedition Bureau

Photographers and their Favorite Adventures


Photos from my travels, snowboarding, Chicago, geometric art, and definitely some cat pics

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Tumblr featuring inspiring landscape photography from around the web

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